Resident Outings @ Manoah at this time

To mitigate the risks the following procedures have put in place:

  • Prior to an outing is arranged by Manoah the following steps are followed;
    • The bus is properly cleaned in line with Covid-19 procedures just before any outing.
    • Only a small number of residents (9-12) to non crowded public places where they may embark for a short period of time.
    • They will follow the guidelines as set out in the “Resident’s Outing Declaration” form. 19-10-2020_Update-Covid-19_Resident_Outing_Declaration
  • Relatives and friends are now allowed to take their loved ones on outings as long as they comply with “Resident’s Outing Declaration”

Risk Management Principles during Covid-19


You ever wondered how decisions are made at Manoah during these challenging times? Well, wonder no more, as Manoah has developed a set of robust principles that underpins and guides the decision making processes. To find out what they are please click on the following link; 2-09-2020_Risk management principles applicable during COVID

Some minor changes to Manoah’s visiting hours.


Revised visiting hours

  • 10:30 – 11:30 am (These are times for visitors to enter but may remain longer)
  •   2:30 –   4:00 pm (These are times for visitors to enter but may remain longer)
  •   7:00 –   8:00 pm (These are times for visitors to enter but may remain longer)

Continued Screening Requirements

  • Please answer all Covid-19 questions.
  • Temperature check to be less than 37.5
  • Please stay away if;
    • You have any flu symptoms.
    • Been in contact with a positive Covid-19 person.
    • Awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test.
    • Been asked to quarantine yourself.
    • You haven’t received the Influenza vaccine without a medical reason.
  • Please bring proof of having received this years’ Influenza vaccine.
  • Please maintain the 1.5 meter physical distancing.

Residents going out:

  • Residents, after risk assessments have been completed by Elaine Robinson FM and Ian Jennison Clinical Care Co-ordinator are now allowed to leave Manoah House to attend small family gatherings. This includes visiting close friends, partners, couples or siblings/familial groups who live in another facility.
  • Details of the outings will need to be recorded including the location and number of people.